Special Report:

How You Can Be Working From Home As a Professional Virtual Assistant

In 30 Days Or Less

Revealed below in this report:  the keys to setting up and starting your own profitable home-based virtual assistant business.  How you can pick up your first 3-5 clients in 30 days.  And how to be on your way to making 5 to 6 figures as a virtual assistant*!

*Even if you’ve never been a virtual assistant and even if you currently lack the know-how, money, or sales and marketing ability.

work from home as a virtual assistant

Here, you will discover:

  •  A step-by-step PROVEN game plan to build your cloud-based virtual assistant business…on a shoe-string budget, from scratch OR to catapult your existing virtual assistant business into one that actually generates cash for you day in and day out like an ATM machine!
  • 5 reasons why traditional” “work from home” plans STINK!
  • How to gain access to a massive, PROVEN, ready-to-use, cloud-based virtual assistant business-building system that has generated millions of dollars for aspiring cloud-based virtual assistants, just like you, and even helped veteran virtual assistants build their businesses even bigger—all during a slow economy.
  • How to “Recession-Proof” your household.  PROVEN systems and strategies to enable you to build a thriving  kitchen table business quickly in spite of a “lousy job market.”
  • How to get dozens of clients flocking to you, eager to pay YOUR price regardless of what the unethical, low-ball-price scam-artist overseas is charging.
  • Laugh in the faces of bricks-and-mortar jobs and work-at-home scams.
  • How to create your ideal career and ideal lifestyle… regain control of your income and your life.
  • How to work less than 35 hours per week, no weekends, and take two months vacation every year.


Only 25 Team Double-Click® Coaching Memberships Available


Hi, my name is Gayle Buske, CEO of Team Double-Click®.  Since 2000, a quiet revolution has been underway among North American administrative assistants.  An exclusive group of cloud-based virtual administrative assistants have been quietly building their businesses and making more money than they ever thought possible. And they’ve done this in spite of the worst U.S. economy in 50 years.  (See the success stories found here.)

Here you will learn how you can get access to my PROVEN* cloud-based virtual assistant system right now and get your virtual assistant business set up and generating income for you in 30 days or less.

*You’ll notice that I keep using the word “Proven.”

This is because you are about to discover powerful and life-changing secrets for building your cloud-based virtual assistant business and generating explosive growth and profits for your cloud-based virtual assistant business:  secrets that have been PROVEN to work time and time again by cloud-based virtual assistants AND Team Double-Click® itself, using my systems right now, as you read this.

You will learn how you can have the entire Team Double-Click® Coaching System that I have created—along with my team’s help—installed and put to work for you, cloned for you, to dramatically change your income AND THE WAY YOU MAKE IT for the better.

By the time you finish reading this report you will no longer have to guess, or speculate about how to begin generating revenue within 30 days of starting your own kitchen table career, and how to create gigantic leaps in your family’s income and radical improvements in your lifestyle over the next 12 months….you will KNOW.


Truth Versus Assumptions

At one time in history everyone assumed that the world was flat, and that the sun revolved around the earth.  People who disagreed with these assumptions and spoke out were ridiculed—even killed!—for their beliefs.  But the truth eventually won out.  The truth that the earth is round was proven and accepted.  The truth that the earth revolves around the sun was proven and accepted.  The false assumptions were replaced with the TRUTH, and the WORLD was changed forever.

Most people looking for work at home operate under false assumptions when it comes to building a successful business.  They assume that doing a good job, or honoring their word, or selling top of the line services or throwing up a website is all it takes to be successful.  All too often the Truth says different.  And as a result they never achieve the success they want or deserve.

This is a needless tragedy for some, but a great opportunity for you.  In this report you will learn the Truth about not only building a sizeable income but doubling whatever income you think you can make, eliminating stress, and living the lifestyle you truly want.  Once you learn the TRUTH you can dump the “assumptions” that are standing between you and success!

Once you EMBRACE the Truth, YOUR world will change forever…for the better!


Achieve Your Ideal Kitchen Table Career and Your Ideal Lifestyle

Most people believe that they should be able to simply “get a job” working from home.  By that I mean that they think they should be able to become an employee for a company and work from home.

The truth is this:  “jobs” from home do not exist.

“Jobs” from home are a myth.  You’ve probably seen some of the more common scams like envelope stuffing and survey taking, come on!  True “jobs” from home, working for a company are rare at best and scams at worst.

Most “employers” and large corporations aren’t willing to let their employees work from home for several reasons:

  • It creates animosity among the other employees who still have to come into the office each day.
  • There is huge liability in letting employees work from home.
  • They lose control.

Now, there are a few jobs that can be done from home and a few employers that would be willing but those jobs are so few and far between and have hundreds of applicants in line for them that we might as well say they simply don’t exist.

So, how then do you truly achieve the dream of working from home?  You MUST create your own job at home.  This means creating your own business.

Let me say that again:  You MUST create your own job at home.  This means creating your own business.

One of the easiest and quickest businesses that can be created and done from home is that of a virtual assistant. 

 Start your virtual assistant business today.


Too many people work too hard for too little; putting in 50, 60 or 70+ hours per week.  Many of those that do make an excellent income are frustrated because they feel chained to their businesses or their 9-5 jobs.  I call them “Successful Slaves.”

My sincere desire is to help you achieve your ideal kitchen table career and your ideal lifestyle.  Let’s face it; you could have gotten a 9-5 job, worked the corporate “rat race,” but instead you chose to be an entrepreneur.  And you did it (at least in part) because working from home; you saw a better opportunity to achieve your dreams and goals than in working for someone else.

And this boils down to the two things that almost everyone wants from their home-based business:  Time & Money

The problem is, most people feel like they can’t find legitimate work from home; and if they do, they feel like they don’t make enough money—that’s if they don’t flat out get ripped off.

And that’s why I am giving you this important message.  In this report you are going to learn how you can achieve the dreams and goals that motivated you to operate your own kitchen table business.  And you’ll learn about common cloud-based virtual assistant industry myths that are holding you back.  And how to make more money than you ever dreamed possible (even in a slow economy), and have the time to enjoy it.

But before we go any further I want to ask you…

Why are you looking to work from home?  Why are you considering becoming a virtual assistant?  (Check all that apply.  Be honest.)

  •               If you go out and get a 9-5 job, you’ll NEVER see your kids or spouse.
  •               You’re getting behind on everything:  car repairs, home repairs, doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, eye exams—all due to a lack of money.
  •                Your job or your current business creates too much stress for you and not enough joy.
  •                You need more time at home with your younger children, ailing parents, or special needs kids.
  •                You would LOVE to have your own at-home business but you have no idea how to bring in clients and make money.
  •               You’re sick to death of the goopy makeup and acai berry scams.  And you’re even more sick of inviting all your friends and relatives over to you can peddle the crap to them at a “home party”.
  •                Your home life suffers because you’re at your J-O-B too much.
  •                You got out of the 9-5 workforce to raise your kids but still need the income it provided.
  •                You were “downsized” because of the stinky economy but your family is struggling to live on unemployment or a single income.
  •                When you left the corporate world, you let your skills slide and now you don’t know where to begin or what’s needed in today’s business world.
  •                There aren’t any jobs out there!
  •               You are tired of wasting your money on empty promises, scams and “home-based business opportunities” that don’t work.
  •               The home-based opportunities you do find lack ongoing support, don’t tell you how to get clients in the door, and are full of the same old worn-out ideas.
  •               You are unable to find REAL work-from-home opportunities.
  •               You are very unhappy (maybe disgusted?) with the money you get to take home from your home-based business.
  •                You make excellent money, but you’d like to do even better.
  •                You’re concerned (maybe scared stiff) by what’s happening in the economy.  You’re unsure of the future of your family and your income.
  •                You would rather your business was built around your life, instead of the other way around.
  •                Your business is “owner dependant”—meaning if you aren’t around to manage it, too many things go wrong—and you’re tired of “baby-sitting” your business, your employees and your staff.  You’d like more walk-away power. 
  •                You are worried about competition from other cloud-based virtual assistants.
  •                You are already in the virtual assistant business but no one out there can tell you how in the world to land clients.  They tell you how to set up a business but not how to get business.  What you really want to know is how to get clients in the door!
  •                You would be thrilled to do LESS work, especially LESS hard work and make MORE money.
  •                You detest “cheapest price competition” and would prefer to promote your services differently.
  •               You (and/or your staff) do an outstanding “technical” job of providing quality services, but you need more of the knowledge, skills, savvy and expertise to properly market and manage what you do.
  •               You desperately WANT to provide outstanding service for your customers, but your service “process” has holes and items keep falling through the cracks, resulting in customer DIS-satisfaction
  •                Other_________________________________________________


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, rest easy because you are not alone.  These problems plague most people looking for work-from-home. And in this very special report, you are going to discover the answers.


Click here to see how easy it is to start your virtual assistant business.


Once upon a time…

“I Was Dead-Broke And Desperate!”

Most People Looking For Work-From-Home Have Been Sold A “Bill Of Goods”

Let’s get a few things straight.  I DON’T have a college degree.  When I graduated from high school, my family couldn’t afford to send me to college.  So I got a job waiting tables and working as a cashier at a grocery store.  Finally, a regional auto glass replacement company gave me a break—actually—I was hired by accident.  When the HR department called me to say I was hired, they thought I was another candidate (I found this out months later, after I’d been working there).  Apparently they thought I was pretty good because they kept me on and even promoted me to work as the right-hand for the President of their Marketing department.  I soaked up the information and knowledge like a sponge (and have never stopped learning it or researching it since).  It turned out that I loved that stuff…ahhhh, the science of marketing!

Many, many years later, Jim and I ran a business together for several years before Team Double-Click® was invented.  This business was in one of the most cut-throat, nasty, dirty, mean industries I’ve ever found.  Our mentor taught us that the only way to make a sale was by lying to customers and vendors.  We refused.  We told that mentor that if we couldn’t make it in that industry the honest way, we wouldn’t do it.  Guess what.  That industry chewed us up and spit us out—flat broke and literally bankrupt.

Shortly after that, Team Double-Click® was born.  Another accident, really.  We began working as virtual assistants, though we didn’t even have a name for it then, and we began sub-contracting some of the work out to other virtual assistants.  We later termed it “virtual staffing”, but we operated for over a year before we had a name for that either.  We spent years of trial and error, made tons of mistakes, missteps and costly errors.  But we FINALLY-cracked the code and figured out the secrets to building a successful, thriving virtual assistant business.  We now run a million-dollar virtual assistant business.  And in this report you are going to learn how you can have your OWN thriving virtual assistant business quickly, without all the costly trial-and-error.

When it comes figuring out how to achieve success working from home, most of the advice out there is flat out wrong.  And some of the creeps peddling it are flat out liars.  You’ve probably scraped by so far more because of your own smarts and savvily saving on your weekly grocery bill through couponing than because of anything offered to you by so-called “work-from-home experts” or “virtual assistant building” bloggers.  Those list peddlers keep sending the same people back to the same companies who are so bombarded with people wanting to work from home that they’ve stopped taking calls!

Well, there are a lot of struggling families and individuals.  So the last thing you need right now is a bunch of re-hashed work-from-home lists that never worked in the first place.

That’s NOT what you’re going to get in this report.

So before you read another sentence, we need to have an understanding between us.  I’m telling you right now that I’m going to get very, very real with you.  I’m not going to pull any punches.

Maybe you’re worried about the economy.  Maybe you’re struggling with your household income, sick and tired of spending 40 hours a week couponing for pennies saved off your grocery bill, working too hard for too little.  Or maybe you are unable to find legitimate work at all.  Or, maybe you’re making a lot of money at your J-O-B, but you’re stressed out or struggling with trying to find a way to make time for your family.  Or, maybe you’re tired of being a slave to your current business.  Whatever your unique challenge is, I’m betting that because you’re taking the time to read this report that there’s SOMETHING about your work, your business or your lifestyle that fundamentally you’re not happy with, and you’re looking for ways to improve it.  Yes, you might have your family fooled, your mother-in-law, your spouse…maybe even yourself most of the time that you’re 100% pleased with your life in every way.  But right now—for the next 15 minutes—we’re going to get honest.  Down and dirty.  Real.  Because…

You and I don’t have time to screw around with a bunch of “feel good” fluff and B.S. that won’t help you.  I GUARANTEE that some of what I have to say might be difficult to hear…it might make you uncomfortable…maybe even make you mad.  But that’s okay, because if you’ve taken the effort to get your hands on this report, I’m guessing that you’re cut from a different cloth than the rest, and I respect that enough to be absolutely, totally, brutally honest with you.


Sacred Cows Make The Tastiest Hamburgers

I’m going to slaughter ALL of the work-from-home industry’s sacred cows.  The whole herd.  One by one.  No mercy.  No remorse.  It’s gonna be a blood bath.  Until I’ve taken all the preconceived notions and “everybody knows” ideas about how to make REAL money (and how to experience REAL freedom) in your own business, working from home, and methodically torn them down, and put them back together in a way you won’t believe…even as it’s happening.

And when you’ve listened to me all the way to the end of this report, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

So if you can’t (Won’t?) open your mind for the next 15 minutes, just hit the exit key now.

You’ll be saving both of us a lot of wasted time. I only have time for that small handful of serious-minded people who are open to radical changes and improvements in their career and their lifestyle.

HOWEVERif you can open your mind for the next 15 minutes, and be completely real with me (and with yourself), then keep reading.  I promise you will have the opportunity to experience radical, revolutionary work, life-and-business-changing results.

So, what are these secrets for doubling your income, tripling referrals, eliminating stress in your business and creating your ideal lifestyle?  Let’s find out.


Two Critical Secrets You MUST Know In Order To Succeed In Your Home Based Business:

 1.  How To Set Up And Run A Successful Virtual Assistant Business, AND…

2. How To Quickly And Cheaply Attract Tons Of Clients Day-After-Day Who Are Willing To Pay You Top Dollar And Not Even THINK About Hiring An Assistant From Overseas.

In a minute I’m going to talk about the first secret: how to set up a successful business.  But first I’m going to talk about how to attract lots of high-quality, high-paying clients.  You see, there are legions of so-called “business” opportunities you can do from home, and some of the legitimate ones even do a decent job explaining the “nuts-and-bolts” of how to run the business.  But the VAST MAJORITY do a lousy at helping you get clients.

Exposing The Myth—Being Good is NOT Good Enough!

You know you are smart, capable, reliable, and can handle running your own business.  You’re running an entire household, right?  You keep trying to find a legitimate work-at-home job.  You know you can offer great service—if just given the chance.  On top of that, you’re honest and you would never cut corners or prices (unlike the $2/hour sleaze-balls that bid on eLance and oDesk).  And let’s face it:  you really care about treating people right!  You deserve to be making a lot of money…and if intelligence, savvy, honesty, the ability to multi-task and attention to detail were all that was needed to have a profitable and rewarding home-based business, you’d HAVE a profitable and rewarding home-based business.  (And if this was all you needed to get total freedom and financial stability, you’d HAVE total freedom and financial stability.)

DON’T fall for the industry line ‘If you just put up a better looking website or do a really good job, clients will beat a path to your door.’

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door

…yeah, right.”

This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the work-from-home business! In today’s incredibly competitive, hectic world, nobody’s beating a path to anyone’s door!  And not one of the “work-from-home gurus” can tell you how to get clients in the door.  They’re using the same old re-hashed “go network on Facebook and Twitter”, “Make a Better Website” garbage, and telling you that clients will magically come.  And in every home-based business field, including virtual assistants, some of the “best,” most knowledgeable most technically skilled people ARE STARVING TO DEATH.  (And most people who are doing well financially are STILL working too many hours, enslaved to their cloud-based virtual assistant business.  More about that later.)  Anyway, here’s why even the smartest people that are looking for at-home careers are struggling…

Even The Smartest Person in The World Who Signs Up for Work From Home “Plans” Or Signs Up With The Virtual Assistant “Gurus”

Will Struggle And Suffer, Even Go Broke

Without A SYSTEM That Generates A Steady Flow Of New,

Good Customers (Especially in today’s market)

Yet people think that just because they have great skills and great customer service that they will have success. That their new home-based business will grow and they will make a lot of money.  That people will beat a path to their website. I call this the “build a better mousetrap” theory, and it’s totally false!

Can’t wait?  Click here to start your virtual assistant business today.

Making A Fortune In The Cloud-Based Virtual Assistant Business

Is Not Just About How Much You Know About Setting Up A Cloud-Based Virtual Assistant Business…

…It’s Also About How much You Know About Marketing Systems and Getting Clients In The Door!

Before we go any further let’s get one thing straight: when I say “Getting Clients In The Door” and talk about Marketing Systems, I want you to put aside all your preconceived notions about marketing and advertising.  Because when I say “Marketing Systems,” I’m NOT talking about running useless, tired-out yellow-page ads or newspaper inserts or just sticking up another copy-cat “me-too” website.  I’m also NOT talking about cold calling or about door magnets on your car.  Oh, and I’m not talking about calling all your friends and neighbors and inviting them over for another worn-out “home party” that just alienates your loved ones, causing them to avoid you rather than be hit up for more jewelry, underclothes, naughty toys, kids toys, clumpy makeup, or plastics for their kitchen.

Have you ever had this happen….?

You order a slick looking “system” that comes in a pretty purple box and promises a super-awesome home based business or even a virtual assistant business in mere days.  You unpack the box; you put up your beautiful new website and…nothing.  No money.  No clients.  No nothing.  So the “guru” tells you to get on Facebook or Twitter and start networking.  “Network your butt off hon!”  It’s all the rage.  Clients will flock to your website and hire you in a minute if you just talk to them on Facebook.  So you do.  And still…nothing.  No money.  No clients.  Not even a prospect or two knocking on your website.

Congratulations.  You have a worthless website and that purple box sits gathering dust because you don’t know what to try next and neither does the “guru”.

(Oh, and if posting on Facebook ONCE doesn’t get the phone to ring…posting twenty more times just means the phone’s not going to ring twenty more times.

That one doesn’t work so you look to your friends who sell plastic crap for your kitchen or clumpy, over-priced makeup and they “sponsor” you in to their organization.  After you’ve alienated all your other friends with “home parties” you give up on that too.  Except now you have boxes and boxes of plastic crap for your kitchen and clumpy, over-priced makeup that you wouldn’t even put on your dog sitting in your basement.

Yeah, yeah, I know this is completely opposite of what ALL the work-at-home “gurus” tell you.  But I don’t give a rip what the guru-come-virtual-assistant-industry-experts say because they are NOT virtual assistant industry experts, they don’t know squat about marketing and their goal is NOT to make you money…it’s to sell you packages in pretty purple boxes.   The more the merrier. MY goal is to make you tons of money.) 

Also…when I say Marketing Systems, I’m NOT  talking about “professional” logos; embossed pens; clever slogans; expensive, glossy, 4-color brochures; slick sales pitches; or ANYTHING you’ve seen or heard before.  My Cloud-Based Virtual Assistant System and Cloud-Based Virtual Assistant Marketing System is revolutionary.

Anyway…the only way you are going to make a lot of money is if you can get the phone to ring continuously, and predictably, (in any market) with prospects who are willing to pay you top-dollar and not even THINK about shopping overseas for a virtual assistant.  Your skill in the cloud-based virtual assistant business (by itself) WILL NOT do this.  If you don’t combine your skills (and keep growing those skills) with the right kind of Marketing Systems, your business is destined to either fail, or wallow in mediocrity.  And you will never make the kind of money you want or deserve.

The hard, cold fact of life is that the administrative-assistant-come-business-owner-come-virtual-assistant-business who has learned the secrets of powerful, effective Marketing Systems is the one who will always make the most money…regardless of their skills…

I know this isn’t fair.

The most ambitious person who has the best skills, and who is the best at customer service, and who honors their word and does the best job should automatically make the most money.  But they don’t.

People should beat a path to the door of the best cloud-based virtual assistant.  But they don’t.

People should only seek out the most highly skilled and ethical cloud-based virtual assistants, and happily pay top dollar.  But they don’t.

People should REALIZE that all those sleazy, “discount” cloud-based virtual assistants offer those super-low prices just to bamboozle customers so they can rip them off.  But they don’t.

I wish the real world worked like that.  But it doesn’t.

It’s not fair.  But who said life is fair?  (If you’re looking for “fair,” you are looking in the WRONG PLACE.  I’m not going to give you “fair”…I’m going to give you the TRUTH.)

Maybe this hurts your feelings.  But like I said at the beginning: I’m not writing this to make you feel good.  I’m writing this to give you the opportunity to learn how to make lots of money.  AND to give you—not just financial freedom—but total financial and business AUTONOMY!  (And THAT should make you feel great!)

So I gotta give it to you straight.  I think you are man or woman enough to take it.

You can either fight this fact and go broke trying to find legitimate work from home (and/or remain a “Slave” to your current job), or you can change—embrace this radically new concept and experience dramatic increases in your income and improvements in your lifestyle.  (By making this giant, mental paradigm shift, you’ll instantly gain an enormous competitive advantage over everybody else looking for an at-home business.  It’s time for you to create your own destiny, your own income, and your own kitchen table career!

Yes Gayle, please reserve my spot!


6 Reasons Traditional Work-From-Home Business Opportunities Stink!

Actually, there are a lot more than six, but if I were to write ALL the reasons, this report would turn into a multi-volume encyclopedia.  So we’ll just stick with the top six.


Work-from-Home Business Seekers Are Frustrated With Crappy Results

Because No One Teaches Them How To Get Clients In the Door and

Because of a Lack Of Training In Getting Their Businesses Set Up Correctly From the Start!


I have worked with hundreds of thousands of aspiring work-from-homers, aspiring cloud-based virtual assistants and even semi-successful cloud-based virtual assistants from all over the world, and I always ask them these three questions:


Question: #1:  What are you doing to promote your business—you know, get business in the door?

Answer I get from virtually every cloud-based virtual assistant:  Website, yellow pages, internet, door magnet on my car, and social networking.


Question #2:  What kind of results are you getting?

Answer I get from virtually every cloud-based virtual assistant:  Crappy, lousy, frustrating, low response, waste of money.


Question #3:  Did anyone show you how to set up your business from the ground up, to maximize your chances for success AND show you how to get clients in the door?

Answer I get from virtually every cloud-based virtual assistant:  No.  I’ve read lots of books on being a cloud-based virtual assistant but none of them actually walked me through setting up and marketing my business to get clients.

I get the same answer from cloud-based virtual assistants who have been in business for 10 years and who are spending all their time “talking” to people on Facebook (in hopes of getting clients) to the cloud-based virtual assistant who is just starting out and has no idea where to turn.  I’ve spoken with cloud-based virtual assistants who are on ALL of the social networks:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+, and when I ask them about the results they say, “not so good.”  And here’s the real kicker: most of them are perfectly willing to continue to waste their time and “hope” that things get better!  Hello!  Anybody home????

Once upon a time, we hired a “marketing expert” who pounded away on us to use social media as our sole means of bringing in clients.  For nearly two years we poured hundreds of dollars a week at this silly and unprofitable task.  Guess what we got.  Zip.

Yes, you can make money with social media if done correctly.  The problem is, 99.9% of businesses using social media are doing it WRONG, and a lot of the “gurus” are teaching methods that don’t work.  While you can make money using social media, you need to realize two things: First, if you decide to do social media, you must do it correctly (Later, I’ll tell you how you can learn how); and second, there are many other more effective ways to get all the clients you can handle WITHOUT using social media.

Yes, there may have been a time (years ago) when you could hit all the major social networks with “traditional” advertising posts and do okay.  But no longer.  My ongoing surveys of cloud-based virtual assistants all over the world are confirming this hard, cold truth:  Social networking and the “cloud-based virtual assistant books” out there Are Not Working.  There are many reasons for this.  Read on…


“Traditional” home-based business opportunities

are about putting money in the pocket of the promoter rather than giving

you the skills and knowledge you need to bring clients in the door.


There are 2 ways to create your own wealth.  One way is to come up with a totally new, totally radical, totally awesome, amazing product that people simply can’t live without.  And then sell it.  Got any good ideas for a new, cool invention that you might sell?  Yeah, me either.

The second way is to learn a new skill, in an emerging industry; from someone who has been right where you are now—at square one—and made it to the top.  Duplicate their methods, their marketing, their processes, their systems, and their concepts.  In other words—follow in their footsteps, right to the top!

Anyway, hardly anybody truly knows how to market cloud-based virtual assistants, so most people wind up telling would-be cloud-based virtual assistants to just go out and post on Facebook and hope for the best.  This creates ZERO differentiation between you and the next cloud-based virtual assistant posting on Facebook, or the low-priced jerks bidding on eLance and oDesk.

I’ll Prove It.  Log on to Facebook and search for “virtual assistant” or hop on eLance or oDesk…most of those posts you see are “traditional” I-don’t-know-what-else-to-try advertising.  Block out their business name and put yours in.  See any difference?  Neither does your prospect!


If Posting On Facebook Doesn’t Work Once, It Won’t Work

The Second Or Third Or Tenth Time Either!


Even so, most cloud-based virtual assistants wind up using “social media marketing” because they simply do not know any other way.  Or worse still, they take the advice of the “social media marketing gurus” and figure they can build their cloud-based virtual assistant businesses on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn alone.

How many times have you heard (or said!) this phrase: “We have this new home-based business information but how in heck do we get clients in the door?.”  Getting clients in the door won’t happen by making posts on the social media sites.  The only thing that will get clients in the door so you can make money is with Direct Response Marketing (more on that later).  Direct response marketing is specifically designed to get the client IN HERE…RIGHT NOW…FAST!  And willing to pay YOUR PRICE, regardless of what the competition charges.  And regardless of a slow economy.

I REALLY Want to be a Virtual Assistant!


“Traditional” Work-From-Home Opportunities

(And Even Other Virtual Assistant Business

Building Opportunities)

Don’t Give You The Tools To Set Up, Run, And Market Your Business


Someone new to the cloud-based virtual assistant business hasn’t got a clue how to set up or market their services, so they guess or simply struggle and give up.  Or they look to someone who claims to be a virtual assistant expert but who has never worked a day in the industry and expect them to show them the ropes.  Heck, I’ve even seen countless people who have never been in the cloud-based virtual assistant industry, trying to tell people how to get into or how to work in the cloud-based virtual assistant industry!  Good grief!

***It’s the blind-and-dumb leading the blind-and-dumb***

If they’ve never been a virtual assistant before, how in the world can they show you how to be a virtual assistant?  And if you’ve never been a virtual assistant before, how are you supposed to know how to do the job?

Hello??!!  You have to know the skills of the actual job to do the actual job!  If you’d never baked a cake before, how in the world are you supposed to know what to do when someone dumps eggs, milk, flour, baking powder, and oil on your countertop in front of you?

I’m sure you’ve had this happen…You order a fancy box full of goodies that claims it will help you start a great new something-or-other business from home.  You read through it diligently.  You study.  You jot down your ideas.  And you get to the end and you STILL don’t have the skills (or the recipe) for actual success.  All you have is a pocketbook that’s lighter than it was when you started.  Huh, turns out your guru didn’t know how to set up that kind of business either!

Well hello!  That’s the entire problem in a nutshell!!!


The Network Marketing “Hamster Wheel Of Doom.”




How many times have you looked at (or even bought into) work-from-home books, opportunities, boxed sets, videos, workbooks, audios, or DVD’s, only to discover that what’s inside is an MLM or pyramid scam?  Overpriced, goopy makeup, anyone?  Cheap lingerie?  Toys for kids?  Been there, done that.  Didn’t work.

Or maybe one of your friends who sells overpriced plastic kitchen junk, or makeup, or jewelry or candles “sponsored” you in to their organization.  After months of pestering your friends, hosting parties, buying inventory, attending trainings, and paying for the travel and expense of going to out-of-state motivational conventions, you discover three things:

  1. All your friends and relatives now get a “deer in the headlights” look and scramble for cover whenever you walk into a room.
  2. You haven’t made one friggin’ dime… with all the expense you’re actually the red.  (Shhhh.  Don’t tell your spouse.)
  3. You’ve come to really, truly detest selling candles, kitchen accessories, “adult” toys, acai berry juice, jewelry, “therapy” magnets, or whatever.


Work From Home “Opportunities” Are a One-Shot Deal—For the Promoter. 

You Get NO Ongoing Support to Insure Your Success!




Maybe you bought into an “opportunity,” got your pretty purple box, but discovered you couldn’t get a support person on the line (or the other end of email) to save your life even if you were having a heart attack.  Sounds familiar, huh?  They sell you the junk and they run for the hills.  You’re on your own, sister!  Well, not completely…you do have boxes and boxes of their crap lining your basement walls just waiting for the next garage sale.



“Traditional” work from home “opportunities” promote the

“Myth Of The Silver Bullet”



Most people looking to work from home are looking for that ONE “magical” opportunity, or “super” idea, or “hot” new product, or ONE new SOMETHING…that will bring in all the money they need and solve their financial woes forever.  I call this the “Myth of the Silver Bullet.”

Every huckster who bumbles over your telephone line or into your inbox will try to sell you on the idea that what they are offering is…[sound the trumpets]…YOUR Silver Bullet!  “Just because our goopy makeup is more expensive, it’ll sell like hotcakes”.  “Kids LOVE these toys!”

Most work-at-home seekers—who don’t have a clue about marketing—stumble from one “magic” solution to another, desperately trying to find that “Silver Bullet.”

Well, let me set the record straight for all time…

There IS NO SILVER BULLET.  Getting Clients In The Door With Marketing SYSTEMS AND Proper TRAINING are the key to your

success, not silver bullets!

I want you to stop being victimized by every rep who tries to sell you on the latest and greatest, whizbang, bright-n-shiny-silver-bullet, goopy makeup, cheap lingerie, work-from-home “solution.”  My Virtual Assistant Marketing and Business-Building System will give you the power to finally stop chasing the dream of total financial success…and start experiencing it!  And build a real business for the long term.


The Team Double-Click® Coaching Program Will Give You The Tools

To Build A REAL, Honest-To-Goodness Business

That Will Stand The Test Of Time!

My husband Jim and I have built a million-dollar business.  We’ve been in business for 12 years.  We can help you do the same.  Or, if your goals are more modest, we can help you build a six-figure business that you run from your kitchen table.  Whatever YOU want…sky’s the limit.  And we’ll be there every step of the way.



Get the picture?  A true business, just like a doctor’s practice; something you can be proud of; something you won’t be embarrassed to mention when someone asks what you do for a living.  The point is, we’re talking about a REAL business that makes a REAL income, month-after-month, year-after-year, in ANY economy.  In fact, when there are economic downturns, you can do even better.  Read on…


You’ll Be On The Cutting Edge Of A Global Trend

I don’t want to get political, but we’re all adults here, and it’s important that we take a realistic look at the current business climate.  Fact is, Uncle Sam has made it very expensive and very risky for small businesses to hire employees.  Endless regulations, high taxation, and fear of lawsuits have all contributed to an already bad unemployment rate.  Not to mention a new 2,000 page health care bill (set to go into effect in 2014) that has businesses very, very nervous about hiring people because no one is sure what the costs are going to be.

Whether you like it, hate it, think it’s unfair… outsourcing is here to stay.  Giant corporations can afford to locate overseas where regulations are more lax and costs are lower.  Small-to-medium sized businesses can’t do that.

That means there are hundreds-of-thousands of small businesses that need staffing in order to grow, but owners are very reluctant to hire, especially in today’s economy.  Some turn to overseas staffing, but there are a lot of problems with that, including language and cultural differences.

That’s where you come in. 

As a cloud-based virtual assistant, you can provide the staffing a small business needs in order to grow and thrive, but WITHOUT all the problems mentioned above.  This is a REAL opportunity to meet a REAL need for legions of businesses.


How The Team Double-Click® Coaching System Will Revolutionize Your Life, And Give You Total Flexibility and Total Freedom!


Have you ever dreamed about this…?

You get up Monday morning after another 3-day weekend (because you don’t work Fridays).  You drive walk to your office (which is a gorgeous space in your new house), and your Virtual Services Rep greets you on instant messenger with an electronic file of that day’s schedule.  As you peruse the day’s itinerary, she mentions that this month you are set to break another sales record for your office (your marketing is doing very well!).  You also see that your three cloud-based virtual assistants are booked solid for the day doing upscale executive-level cloud-based virtual assistant work.  Your “No More Lost Clients” strategy is in place so you know all the assistants will get their work done with no delays.  You are scheduled to leave early that day for your son’s little-league game.

All your staff members really like working for you because you can afford to pay them a very nice salary with regular bonuses. Your marketing is doing so well it’s time to start thinking about adding another four cloud-based virtual assistants!

It’s break time so you hop in your new Cadillac Escalade and head down to Starbucks for a latte.  On the way back, you stop off at the groomer’s to pick up your dog, who just had a bath and play date.

As you walk to your private office, you smile at the classy décor and beautiful plants you have decorating your office.  Plus, everything is so clean, organized and professional (your housekeeper is awesome!) that it’s a very peaceful place to work.  (You remember that not so long ago it wasn’t like this.)  You’ve got a training meeting in an hour with your virtual sales staff where you will be handing out awards for that month’s sales contest…it’s going to be a lot of fun!

In the meantime you go online to check your airline reservations for your 10-day vacation you’ll be leaving on next week (your third for the year). You’re really looking forward to it because you know that while you’re gone, your business will continue to operate smoothly and keep making you money even though you’re a thousand miles away.  And there WON’T be a gigantic pile of “vacation prep” work before you leave or a gigantic pile of “catch up” work when you get back. Your business runs on systems that allow you to leave any time you want, without creating extra work and hassles for you and your virtual staff.  You lean back in your leather chair, smile, and think to yourself, “Yep, it’s gonna be another really good week!”

After your training meeting, it’s time to head over to the salon to get your nails and hair done before you leave out on your vacation.

Experiencing true business success AND having the ability to walk away from your business…take a vacation whenever you want…only work 4 days a week (or eventually 3 or 1)…“disappear” for weeks at a time…attend your daughter’s swimming lessons…your son’s little league game…and it still keeps functioning like a well-oiled machine.  And keep making tons of money while you’re away.  No “Business Baby-Sitting!” The Team Double-Click® Virtual Assistant Marketing and Business-Building System makes this possible.  And you’ll get this system when you join.

Gayle, the virtual assistant business is for me.  Please reserve my spot!


 Here Is Just A Small Sample Of The Marketing and Business Building Strategies You’ll Have Access To…


(Feel free to make a note of the ones of most interest to you.)


Starting and Setting Up Your Cloud-Based Virtual Administrative Assistant Business.  Ripped straight from the pages of Team Double-Click’s internal operations manuals.  How to set up your cloud-based virtual assistant business from the get-go for maximum success and maximum profit.

Turn-key drip email marketing campaigns that you can put to work in your new cloud-based virtual assistant business – FAST!

Turn-key FREE reports that you can give your clients to get them in the door.

The keys to setting up and operating a virtual staffing agency—doubling, tripling, and multiplying your efforts and profits infinitely.

Sources for the tools and software you’ll need to run your business—many of them free.

My personally designed, emotional direct response marketing strategies.  These are not “brand building” or “image” strategies where you put your name “out there” over and over again and hope and pray that as a result a few prospects think of you or bumble onto your website.  These strategies are designed to generate immediate response from prospects, get them to call you RIGHT NOW and pay YOUR prices regardless of what the eLance schmuck down the street is charging.  (NOTE: while these are NOT “brand building” strategies, a happy by-product of implementing them is that over time you WILL build your brand, get your name out there, and develop name recognition in the market.  But you’ll do so by TOTALLY differentiating yourself from other virtual assistants.)

How to get top Google rankings.  Convert looky-loo’s into booked sales, and create the constant cash flow you are looking for, day-in-and-day-out.

How not to waste money on worthless, non-producing websites and ads, and quit being the prey of work-from-home-rip-offs.  You’ll learn the “Why” behind emotional direct response strategies.  Not only will you be given strategies that are “ready to go,” but in no time you’ll be creating your own marketing pieces.

An easy-to-implement strategy that costs peanuts and will instantly position you as the cloud-based virtual assistant expert in your community.

How to arm clients against the discount sleaze balls on the net.  By the time they come to you they will “get it”—they’ll totally understand why “low price” cloud-based virtual assistants NEVER really save them money, and they’ll be ready to gladly pay YOUR PRICE.  (At Team Double-Click®, clients come to US to manage their low-priced, underrated “cloud-based virtual assistants” for them.  I’ll show you how to get them to come to you too.

My secret to sifting out “price shoppers” and zeroing in on clients who are willing to pay you top dollar…regardless of what other virtual assistants charge. (All without high-pressure sales.)

How to set up a 24-hour, 7-day-per-week “salesperson” that generates leads even while you’re sleeping and runs on “auto-pilot.”  

Consumer awareness “strategies” module.

A secret “ingredient” to put into your ads and website that instantly eliminates skepticism, sets you apart from your competitors, and makes clients eager to do business with you.

The “Shock-and-awe” lead follow-up strategy!  Knocks fence-sitters off the fence and compels them to take action RIGHT NOW!  Walt Disney said, “Whatever you do, do it so well and so differently that people can’t help but talk about you.”  My “Shock-and-awe” campaign does this for you.  It will make you the topic of (good) conference-table conversations around town.  People won’t be able to help talking about your business.  (The exact contents of which will be revealed when you become a “Team Double-Click® Coaching” member.)

Team Double-Click® Coaching Cloud-Based Virtual Assistant Staffing System. With my written system of checklists and instructions—plus training in how systems work—you’ll know that your business is running like a well-oiled, money-making machine even when you’re not there.  Gives you “Walk Away Power” and eliminates the need to “baby sit” your business.  Includes instruction manual and forms.

Comprehensive forms and checklists to insure that your staff are WOWing your clients with “Raving Fans” service, and generating referrals.

“Quick Client Grabber™” and “Business-Building, Expense Slashing Review™”. My trademark-protected, easy-to-use sales tools which position you as a trusted advisor, eliminates price resistance, and dramatically increases your closed-sale “batting average.”  This one tool can add $150,000 – $200,000 in revenue each year.

A strategy to generate—on average—three referrals from each sale.  Each sale can produce one more sale immediately; that sale produces at least one sale immediately, etc. etc. etc….setting up the “referral daisy chain.”

Over 27 strategies for creating a ZERO-RESISTANCE selling environment!  If you are worried about getting “beat up” on price, these strategies will turn the tables in YOUR favor.  Clients will flock to your business eager to pay YOUR price regardless of what the low-priced scammer down the street is charging.

What NOT to say to call-ins.   99% of cloud-based virtual assistants get this wrong, and inadvertently set themselves up for a price war or a lost sale.  I’ll help keep you from making this “profit killing” mistake.

What to do during the first 30 seconds to “lock in” a sale when someone calls you for cloud-based virtual assistant services.

My “No-More-Lost-Clients” strategy to virtually eliminate lost clients.

A “touchpoint” system that will blow your clients away!  They won’t be able to help telling others about your services!  It keeps them updated throughout the work process and keeps them HAPPY.  (Costs nothing to implement.)

A brain-dead simple strategy to increase your profits on almost every job!

My “secret solution” for dealing with toxic clients.

Strategies to lock your clients in an “Iron Cage” away from the competition.  These strategies keep clients coming back, and referring people to you in between work assignments.

How to use “client recognition” to create undying loyalty.

An “automated” strategy to let your clients “hear” from you each week…and it only costs pennies per client!

Ongoing training to keep your skills always up-to-date so you can remain on top of this cutting-edge, growing industry.

And much, much more than I can possibly list here!


Skeptical?  Well, I Guess I Can’t Blame You.

Now, if you are anything like me, I imagine you have questions and are a bit skeptical.  Let me answer the most common ones.  If one doesn’t interest you, you can just skip ahead to the next one.

Q: “What if I’m dead broke?”

A: That’s okay.  Many of my methods cost NOTHING to use, and many pay instant dividends.  Some methods cost a few bucks, some cost a few hundred dollars.  Some will replace instantly things you’re now WASTING money on.

It really doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, you can profit from my Virtual Assistant Marketing and Business-Building System.  You could be flat broke. You could have a pretty successful business and be eager to do better. You could just be working too hard for the money you do make, and be open-minded to better ways of doing things.

The ONLY way my system won’t work for you is if you are a close-minded “know-it-all”, unwilling to look outside your own past experience of looking for work from home.  You may have failed before when trying to work from home but I assure you, it wasn’t your fault.  It’s because you’ve never been given the right training and tools to be a success.




Q: “What if I’m already making lots of money as a virtual assistant?  Why do I need your system?”

A: First, I have members with multiple clients, members doing in excess of $100,000 per year, members who live high-quality, personally fulfilling lifestyles, who have the freedom to travel around the world, and do so.  (As well as cloud-based virtual assistants with small operations doing under $5k per year, but who have joined my system and begun their journey to much bigger things.)  By any measurement they are very successful.  Yet they see the value of investing in their business and themselves; in taking steps to “better their best.”  This is smart thinking.

Second, Dan Kennedy says, “It’s not how much money you make; it’s how you make the money.”  With all of the opportunities we are blessed with in our nation, making a lot of money in America today is not a big trick.  The trick is making the money AND living your ideal lifestyle.

I am ready to become a virtual assistant and take charge of my family’s income.  Please reserve my spot!


The “Successful Slave” Syndrome

 Within my sphere of influence I know many people who are making very good money, but are selling their souls to do it.  Their businesses and their jobs own them.  They are burned out, stressed out, working way too many hours and are generally unhappy.

I also am privileged to know people (myself included) who make a lot of money, but who enjoy time off and the freedom to pursue what has meaning, purpose and value to them.  Their businesses are NOT a source of stress.  THEY own their business.  By participating in my Virtual Assistant Marketing and Business-Building System as a Team Double-Click® Coaching member, you will learn the secrets of business people who are successful and who ALSO have a life.

You might already be successful and already doing many things right.  Therefore, the quality/competence of your coaching needs to be high.  My System fits this bill, and once you see it I’m convinced you will agree.

I also recommend that you look at my System in terms of return on investment.  A beginning or struggling cloud-based virtual assistant can realistically expect to dramatically increase their income fairly quickly by faithfully implementing my Systems.  However, if you are already experiencing good success as a virtual assistant, making lots of money, perhaps already outsourcing to other virtual assistants, then quickly doubling your income with this system should not be the criteria by which you judge its success.  Return on investment is how to judge its success.  AND you will experience returns on your investment many, many times over with my System, and it will pay dividends for as long as you own your cloud-based virtual assistant business.  And ultimately, it will help you double your income (or triple it, or whatever you set in your mind to accomplish).  This system will enable the “already successful” cloud-based virtual assistant to do even BETTER!

Q: “Will your system work in a slow market?”

A: Yes.  All the success stories my members are experiencing have happened during what’s described as the worst U.S. economy in 50 years.  In fact, a “down” economy can actually be helpful.

Q: “Once I get your coaching materials, am I left to sink or swim?”

A: Absolutely not!  As I said earlier, I’m NOT selling you a box of stuff!  This is an ongoing coaching relationship, where I and my team will coach you, step-by-step, as you achieve your ideal business and your ideal lifestyle as a virtual assistant and later as the owner of a virtual assistant staffing agency.

Q:  “Do I need to have a computer or know how to use one to use your system?”

A:  Many of the marketing methods I will show you involve computers/web sites/emailing etc. because it is a very effective way to deliver your marketing message and find clients and your future clients were brought up on the computer and that it the way they WANT to communicate with you. Also, much of the work you’ll be doing yourself as a cloud-based virtual assistant will be on the computer.

Q: “How long does it take to see results?”

A:  Following my system diligently you can have your business up and running and your first 3-5 clients in the door in the first 30 days.  Other methods will take a little longer. Within 5 months, the full effects will be kicking in. After that, you will NOT remember what it was like to feel frustrated and tight on cash.  Of course, you must understand that if you do not put my program into use, you will not see the results. I know this sounds stupid, but it has to be said.

Q: “What if I don’t have a physical office space?  What if I want to work from home exclusively?”

A: Great!  Most of my members work from home and they are kicking butt!  My systems work equally well for bricks-and-mortar offices as well as those with kitchen table careers.  In fact, that’s exactly where we started Team Double-Click®–from home!  We only moved it out of the house because the business got so big and we wanted our house back!

Q: “I already have a virtual assistant business.  How will my staff and employees react to your program?”

A: Most will love it because ultimately they will end up making a lot more money for themselves. As you know some people are adverse to any kind of change and will be negative. I don’t think I have to tell you what you should do with those employees.

Q: “Do I have to hire any more employees to put your program into action?”

A: You will not need to hire any employees to implement my program because I give you everything in an easy to use “paint –by–numbers” format. Once you fill up, you may want to hire other cloud-based virtual assistants because you will have the extra business flowing in.  (Lots of my clients have hired additional cloud-based virtual assistants just to handle the extra business my systems bring in for them.)

Q: “Say I invest in your program and start a virtual assistant business.  What if I want to go on vacation, or I get sick, or I want to take Friday’s off?  Who will service my clients while I’m gone?”

A: As a club member, you’ll have full access to our “Virtual Assistant Support System.”  At Team Double Click® we have dozens of skilled, highly trained virtual assistants at your disposal who can fill in for you.  Club members get a special discount on hourly rates.

Q: “Can’t I just learn this stuff on my own – Why should I pay you?”

A: I’m sure you could learn all this on your own. After all it took me 12 years of trial and error in the cloud-based virtual assistant business (and 10 years before that in other businesses)—and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars (and bankruptcy)—to discover, fine-tune and perfect the methods, strategies, and techniques.  But I also made a lot of mistakes that cost me years of time and thousands of dollars.  Cavett Robert, the founder of the National Speakers Association, says, “Experience is not the best teacher because the tuition is too high. Learn from others people’s experience!”


Click here to get your virtual assistant business started.  No waiting.  Dive in and start learning and earning.


Q: “I live in ________________________ —it won’t work here, will it?”

A: Big city, small town, any part of the country…I have members all over the world getting fantastic results with my system.  Even if you live out in the boondocks with no businesses within 100 miles, if you have a computer and internet access this system will work.  You can literally run this business from a laptop on the beach in Cancun!  Besides that, people are people, period.  And I have absolutely “cracked the code” for getting them to line up and ask to work with you, and only you, at your price, regardless of what other virtual assistants charge.  Armed with my Virtual Assistant Marketing and Business-Building System, I could parachute into any town or city in the world, open up an office (or work from home or a camper or RV or hotel room or tent or the beach on Maui), with no contacts, nothing else, and in under 90 days be earning a very good income solely from clients brought to me on a silver platter by my System.  It’s all about the System.  In football, Bill Walsh designed a System that made one quarterback after another enormously productive and successful.  Now I’ve designed such a System for the virtual assistant industry.  It is revolutionary.  The handful of people fortunate enough, smart enough, and decisive enough to join Team Double-Click® Coaching will get to use my System, and will prosper like crazy, with less struggle, stress and work than ever before.  And if you need more proof, we HAVE made this system work—all over the world!

Q: “Does this work for existing cloud-based virtual assistants?”

A: Yes.  This works equally well for existing cloud-based virtual assistants.  I have members who are independent cloud-based virtual assistants, as well as those that are part of other cloud-based virtual assistant groups, and we always encourage them to stay with those groups.

The Team Double-Click® Coaching Club is not a franchise.  My system is designed to work within the framework that you already have in place.  Many cloud-based virtual assistant organizations and blogs supply valuable nuts-and-bolts technical information on how to run a cloud-based virtual assistant business, but their information on getting customers tends towards “traditional” advertising, which doesn’t work very well.  And a lot of it is “cheapest price” driven.  Most of the ads I’ve seen that virtual assistant associations supply are not Direct Response Marketing, and NONE of them are anything like my System.  They’re not even in the same ball park as my stuff.  There’s simply no comparison.  Apples ‘n oranges.

Low-Ball Pricing Doesn’t Cut It


The old method of bidding low, low prices is absolutely insane, especially if you have any desire whatsoever for your business to be around long-term.  Low price bidding on eLance and oDesk gets people to call sometimes, but it backfires.  When you try to get the work done at those low prices and fail, they get mad.  They feel cheated.  And they should!  Low-ball bidding is a sure-fire plan for lost sales, lost customers, lost referrals and a ton of stress on you as you constantly deal with angry customers.  This is no way to run a business and no way to live.

Team Double-Click® Coaching is designed to help you build a business you can be PROUD of.  It makes clients appreciate you, talk well about you, and send you referrals.  Your clients will respect you and appreciate you.  You will automatically get so many referrals that you’ll spend almost nothing on advertising.  Coach Gayle Buske will never give you low-down, sneaky, sleaze-ball tactics that might get a job for you today, but sacrifice Lifetime Customer Value.  (Not to mention your pride, reputation, self-esteem and future.)

Q: “Do you guarantee that this will work for me?”

A: YES! It always amazes me why someone would buy anything these days without a solid straightforward guarantee. Where I come from if you are going to ask someone to part with his or her hard earned money you’d better back it up with an iron-glad guarantee.  I put my money where my mouth is. I’m so certain that my system will put hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in your pocket; I give you a…


Membership is month-to-month

*No long-term contracts!

* If you decide that your membership is not worth ten times what you are paying, simply cancel!  We’ll go our separate ways as friends, and you’ll have my sincere thanks for giving my system a try.

* There is ZERO RISK to try this program!


Q. What makes your virtual assistant business building and marketing strategies so special?

A:  This is not the same old work-from-home junk that everyone else is doing. Here are the biggest differences:

  1. My systems are designed to turn you into a cloud-based virtual assistant with limited time, money, and sales/marketing ability.
  2. My systems get people to call you and want YOU to take care of all their cloud-based virtual assistant needs.
  3. My systems will show you how to easily secure referral relationships with dozens of businesses who will send you a steady stream of referrals for FREE!
  4. Your prospects will be convinced that you are the best cloud-based virtual assistant in town. They won’t go price shopping with the competition down the street or overseas.
  5. My strategies show you how to set your business up—the right way—and offer ongoing skills training and skills improvement so you can stay on top of your game and the virtual assistant industry.
  6. My strategies lock your business and customers into coming back again and again.
  7. My strategies guide you to the highest profit jobs, up-sells, add-on services and opportunities. There are only so many hours in the day. You choose how much those hours are worth.
  8. I even go 10 steps farther and show you how to set up your own virtual assistant staffing agency so you can MULTIPLY your efforts and your income.

You see I’VE DONE ALL THE HARD WORK FOR YOU!  You won’t have to “re-invent the wheel” like I had to. You can go ahead and spend a ton money and years to put this information together on your own- but why? – When I’m prepared to hand it to you on a silver platter AND guarantee a massively profitable business!

I’ve designed my system to make sure that your business is built the right way—from the start—and that you’re raking in sales and profits in the shortest time possible…with as little work as possible. Every strategy can be put into action immediately.

Not only will I show you WHY a technique works. I’ll give you clear step-by-step instructions of exactly HOW to put them to work for your cloud-based virtual assistant business, plus a huge arsenal of ready-to-use marketing campaigns to get clients in the door.

“Okay, Gayle.  You’ve got me interested.  How can I get this information and put it to work for me?”


Easy!  Here is your invitation to your whole new life as the owner of a cloud-based virtual assistant business AND working from home…


The Team Double-Click® Coaching Virtual Assistant Marketing and Business-Building Program


Start your own cloud-based virtual assistant business and be on your way to making 5- to 6-figures per year OR Double your income and take an EXTRA day off each week!  (Or quit every day at noon, or work only 3 weeks per month or whatever goal YOU decide best fits your ideal business and your ideal lifestyle!)


You will be given a step-by-step process to set up and start your cloud-based virtual assistant business from home, INCREASE your income without a burdensome work load.  Transformational change takes time, but you’ll immediately begin to see results as you implement the systems and strategies I’m going to teach you.  As each month passes—and as you follow my step-by-step instructions—you’ll experience ever-increasing freedom, and watch your income go up, and feel the stress of a tight budget melt away!


Send me my virtual assistant coaching logins RIGHT NOW!


An Abbreviated List Of The Business-Building Tools

You’ll Receive In The Team Double-Click® Coaching Program!

This is not a bunch of textbook theory.  My virtual assistant business building and marketing strategies are totally plug-and-play.  I’ve already done all the hard work of developing these campaigns and systems.  All you have to do is plug in your name and a few “customizing” items, and they’re ready to go.

My strategies use NON-invasive, NON-cold-calling, welcome, entertaining communication.  They look, feel, smell and taste different than anything you or other virtual assistants have ever seen or may currently be using. Keep that in mind as you continue reading.

The Team Double-Click® Coaching Program

Each month you’ll receive a new module along with all your other ongoing benefits.

Month 1—“The ‘Starting And Setting Up Your Cloud-Based Virtual Assistant Business’ program” MANUAL & AUDIO .mp3’s.  I’ve packed my entire foundational system into one HUGE manual so you can begin building your cloud-based virtual assistant business, bringing in clients, and exploding your income immediately.

You’re busy!  You spend much of your day running after kids and appointments and I want you to learn as quickly as possible.  I’ve recorded my entire system to audio .mp3 so you can download to your iPod and learn while you drive around in your car or work around the house.

The manual and audios are divided into sections with step-by-step instructions, and tips on how to implement these strategies FAST!

Here are the 10 topics covered in the initial module:

  1. Guiding principles and the mindset of the extraordinary cloud-based virtual assistant.  Orientation and how to get your mind into working virtually…from home.
  2. What is a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant.  Explains in-depth the job of a cloud-based virtual assistant, the expectations, and how to make big money in the industry.
  3. Top-ten must haves – skills you need to be a successful cloud-based virtual assistant.  Skills and software you may want to brush up on to have the best chances for success.
  4. Your sanity and support Network.  How to get the support you need from members of your household.
  5. Virtual administrative assistants from the clients’ perspective.  How clients (your soon-to-be clients!) view the cloud-based virtual assistant industry and how to tap into their mindset.
  6. Setting up shop.  Everything you need to know to set up a proper cloud-based virtual assistant business to guarantee maximum profits and maximum success.
  7. Your services.  Determining what services you will offer and how to offer them.  Right down to pricing.
  8. Sample client/agency agreement—totally editable.  The first of many straight-out-of-Team Double-Click’s-playbook forms that you’ll be able to copy, customize, and use in your cloud-based virtual assistant business.
  9. Quick Client Grabber ™.  Direct Response Marketing Strategies to catapult your success by bringing you a stream of new clients, week after week, month after month.
  10. Office Systems Audit™.  A tool you can use to not only bring clients in to your business, but I’ll share the secret to SELLING it to clients as well!


In Month 1 You’ll also get…

Downloadable documents.  All the marketing letters and forms are totally done for you.  All you have to do is plug in your contact info and they’re ready to go!

Coach Gayle’s Million Dollar Resource Directory.  You’ll get my private list of top secret resources and vendors for getting all my strategies implemented fast and running on “auto-pilot.”

The Follow Up Call instructional video showing you exactly how to make your client follow up calls for maximum success.

Quick Start Guide.  The down and dirty information you need to get up and running FAST and bring in your first 3-5 clients right away.

”Getting New Clients Up And Billing FAST” module.  Shows you how to hit the ground running with new clients so they give you work right away and you can bill them FAST!

Over the next 12 months you’ll get the coaching and tools to build your very own successful cloud-based virtual assistant business!


Month 2—“General How-To-Do-Its—Skills Development For the Successful Virtual Assistant” manual and audio .mp3 program.  Being a virtual assistant, it’s important for you to be up on the latest skills that are needed to perform client tasks and turn in stellar work product.  As part of my ongoing skills training for you as a virtual assistant, this module covers general virtual assistant work and how to get it done.

Also included in month 2…

“Goal Setting” workbook

Includes paint-by-numbers checklists of everything you need to be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to achieve total professionalism, dazzle your clients, and achieve maximum success.

“Pricing:  Where To Price Your Services For Max Success” module.  I’ll show you how to price your services to you’re not pricing yourself out of the market but so that you’re also getting the highest billable rate per hour.

“Balancing Family and Work-At-Home Life”.  Time-tested and cloud-based virtual assistant-tested training on how to balance work-at-home life with typical home life.  Much of the instructions come right from our cloud-based virtual assistant members themselves!  You’ll get the tools to achieve the perfect balance in your business and your personal life.


Month 3—“Time Management”.  As a cloud-based virtual assistant, being super organized is key.  In this module, we’ll get you on the right track organizationally.  How organized are you?  How to improve your time-management skills and how to identify time-wasters.  I also offer loads of tips on staying organized not only for yourself but for your clients.

Also included in month 3…

“How You, As A Cloud-based virtual assistant, Can Use Technology To Make Yourself Indispensible to Your Clients”.  This module gives you the tools to do just that!  I’ve teamed up with my good friend, and POWERHOUSE cloud-based virtual assistant, Crystal Sweet, a fellow professional cloud-based virtual assistant to show you how to be indispensible to clients – something all business owners strive for!

“Maximizing The Amount Of Work You Get From Clients” Module.  Shows you how to get the maximum amount of billable time from your clients.


Month 4—“Microsoft Outlook for Virtual Assistant”.  As a virtual assistant, you’ll want a good, hearty email client.  I’ll show you how to get the most out of Outlook for your virtual assistant business.


Also included in month 4…

“Logos, USP’s, Taglines, Color Choices, Flyers, and Brochures”.  I’ll show you how to create “USPs” or Unique Selling Propositions” for your virtual assistant business.  You see, we live in a society where many products and services have been commoditized, meaning that consumers see these products/services as being essentially the same regardless of who offers them.  Some examples include floor covering, the mortgage business, real estate, insurance, anything you can buy at Wal-mart, printing, marketing consulting, web design, yard care, remodeling contractors, etc., etc., etc.  The list is almost endless and as virtual assistants, we are not immune.  I’ll help you make your virtual assistant business stand out from the competition.


Month 5—“Turnkey Virtual Assistant Websites”.  Working online, a website is a must!  We’ll show you how we can set up a turn-key website for you.  One that will bring new prospects in the door, send regular auto-responders, and sign them up!  And don’t worry that this doesn’t come until month 5—I promise:  you won’t need a website until then.



Month 6—“The ‘Raving Fans’ Customer Service Module”—Secrets for turning your clients into “Raving Fans”.  Think of this one as “care and feeding for the life of your client”.  You’ll learn how to understand cloud-based virtual assistant client markets, client types and industries well-suited to working virtually, the sales process from start to finish, common objections (and how to overcome them), and much more.

Also included in month 6…

“Virtual Assistance for Real Estate—Skills Development For the Successful Virtual Assistant”.  This module gives you the tools and training you need to work with real estate agents, brokers, salespeople, and investors.  Real estate folks tend to gravitate toward cloud-based virtual assistants—we just work well for them and their business-style.  Here, I teach you step-by-step their lingo, the type of work they need done and how to do it.


Month 7—“eMail Marketing and Drip Mail Systems”:  You’ll get the tools to market your prospects via email—successfully!  This module will include emails you can plug-and-play in your own cloud-based virtual assistant business.

Also included in month 7…

Done-For-You Emails.  You’ll get my exact emails that I use to bring clients in the door.  Just plug in your information and go!


Month 8—“How To Get Top Google Rankings” module

►How to get visitors flocking to your website

►How to dominate the internet in your market area

►Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies

►How to know whether you should use pay-per-click

►How to avoid SEO rip-off artists

►And much more


Month 9—“Transaction Coordination for Real Estate—Skills Development For the Successful Virtual Assistant”: By this point you will have mastered working for real estate agents, brokers, salespeople, and investors.  The next natural progression is managing the transaction (purchase/sale of a home) on their behalf and there’s BIG MONEY in it too.  This module gives you everything you need to know to jump right in and manage those transactions and start boosting your income even further.


Month 10—“Social Media Marketing For Virtual Assistants:  A cutting edge, virtually-free strategy to build credibility in your market, position yourself as a “Trusted Advisor,” and make a lot of money.”:



Month 11—Lead Qualification for Clients: Clients ask for lead qualification (their lead calls in and you qualify the lead to determine whether or not they’re hot) all the time in the cloud-based virtual assistant industry.  Many times they don’t have the first clue as to what to use for a script, or how to qualify the caller.  After this module, you’ll be able to make suggestions and even design their scripts and follow ups for them.  Talk about making yourself valuable to clients!



Month 12—10 Secrets For Dramatically Increasing Your Sales In Any Market

In the new economy the old, tired, worn-out sales methods that may have been somewhat effective a few years ago have ceased to work. Perhaps you are one of the many cloud-based virtual assistants who have discovered this. In this powerful module, you will learn powerful secrets for increasing your sales in any market, including…

 The secret of “Social Proof”—This strategy costs “peanuts,” but if you aren’t using it you are leaving hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on the table.

         A simple strategy to instantly “lock in” the sale and virtually guarantee that your prospect won’t buy from anyone else.

                  The 80/10/10 rule of pricing—You’ll learn what prospects really mean when they ask “How much is this?”  (HINT: 90% of the time price has nothing to do with this question.) You’ll also learn EXACTLY what to say when the price question is asked.  Virtually all cloud-based virtual assistants respond incorrectly and wind up cutting price.  The crying shame is that if they just knew this strategy they could stop throwing away tens-or-hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars that price-cutting is costing them.

       How to respond to die-hard price shoppers—Are you sick of feeling “tongue-tied” each time a prospect tries to beat you up on price?  You’ll learn a “brain dead” simple strategy that you and your sales team can use to instantly neutralize the “other guy is cheaper” argument and close more sales…at YOUR price.

      Coach Gayle’s “tail between the legs” strategy—Never again be “victimized” by difficult and downright rude prospects who attempt to disrespect you or talk down to you.  I reveal an extremely simple method to quickly and professionally “turn the tables” on abusive prospects.  You’ll instantly command respect and put them on notice that YOU are in charge and will not tolerate THEIR bad behavior.  (Strange but True: Many members have reported that once a “difficult” prospect has been given the “tail between the legs” treatment, many of them turn into fantastic clients who are willing to pay top-dollar.)

               How to “read” your prospect’s mind—The secret for letting the prospect “tell you” what it will take to close the sale.

       The distraction factor—in today’s multi-media, black-berried, smart-phoned society, distractions can cost you sales.  Learn exactly how to turn this “problem” into a big advantage.

       Why creating total differentiation with your sales process is critical to charging higher prices, and staying out of the low-price “rat race.”  Learn strategies you can implement quickly and cheaply to create INSTANT differentiation in your market.

       The two things you MUST train your sales team to do if you want to increase sales.  Miss these and you will leave hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars on the table every year.

And much more…


…And Beyond…


As you progress and learn and grow, I’ll continue sharing everything I know about the cloud-based virtual assistant and virtual staffing industry.

Here are the ongoing coaching, marketing, and business-building services you will receive as a member…


I’m not sending you a bunch of stuff you set on a shelf, unused, collecting dust.


This is an ongoing relationship.  I will be with you every step of the way as you build your cloud-based virtual assistant business.  Here are the services you will enjoy as a Team Double-Click® Coaching member…

Access To GIANT Ruby Member’s Only website.  Ruby-level members can access a treasure trove of business-building tools and resources.   This is a HUGE archive containing…


  • Back issues of the Virtual Voice newsletter
  • Back issues of the Virtually Ideal Business, Virtually Ideal Lifestyle newsletter
  • Marketing strategies
  • Supplements to the coaching modules
  • Downloadable files of all marketing pieces in Microsoft Word (Just drop in your company name and contact info and these are ready to go.  A big time-saver.)
  • Entire marketing campaigns (All downloadable as Microsoft Word files)
  • And much more than I can possibly list here.

This is a resource that you’ll use over and over again.  (You’ll receive your username and password when you join Ruby.)

Guerilla Marketing Strategies (monthly)—ready-to-use strategies that you can implement immediately to generate instant sales!   These are NOT traditional, copycat, “me too” Facebook and Twitter posts, newspaper ads, brochures, or anything you’ve ever seen before.  These are unconventional, outside-the-box strategies that actually work!


  • Creates total differentiation from all the other cloud-based virtual assistants in your area;
  • Engineered to produce a huge “WOW” response from your prospects;
  • Forces your clients to sit up and take notice…then take ACTION;
  • Direct mail strategies with near-100% open rates.  (Statistics show that 60% of “traditional” direct mail gets tossed out unopened.);
  • Compels people to talk about your business…you’ll be the topic of “good” conference-table conversations all over town;
  • Downloadable Word files of all past Gorilla Marketing strategies are archived on the Ruby Members Only site.

You’ll never be short of radical, powerful marketing strategies and training that generate huge returns on investment!

All NEW skills training, marketing and business systems and strategies as they are developed and made available. 


“Sounds good, Gayle.  But what’s the price tag say?”


The next 25 to enroll pay only the $1,297 ZERO enrollment fee, then monthly dues of $297 $47

One new client can easily cover the cost of this program.  And with my Quick Client Grabber™ Marketing System for getting 3-5 new clients in your first 30 days, it should be obvious this will easily happen.  (And one sale can give you 3-times your monthly dues back.  More about that in a minute.)  So it really costs nothing.  You won’t pay for this at all.  ONE additional sale will.  But recovery of the investment just isn’t the point.

The point is this is a complete and radical re-engineering of your life and revolutionary transformation of your work life. Only you can decide what ideal life is worth.


Gayle:  I am worth it, my family is worth it.  Let’s go!


You Are Protected By My

“No Hassles Cancellation Policy”!


If you don’t think my system is worth ten times what you’ve paid, just email us and we’ll cancel your subscription for you.  The same day we get your request, we’ll cancel your service.  There is absolutely NO RISK to try my system.  What have you got to lose?  (Besides the stress, worry and frustration of not having a good income and the frustration that comes with there being no jobs out there to speak of?)


“How One Measly Sale

Gives You A 3-1 Return On Your Monthly Dues!”


Let’s estimate really low and say that your average monthly income from one client is 20 hours of work at $27.35 per hour.  (You’ll learn how to dramatically increase your average price and number of hours each client gives you each month too.)

20 hours x $27.35 per hour = $547 gross profit.

Using this example, ONE client returns your enrollment fee in about two months, and MORE than pays for your monthly dues.

My system identifies the people who need a cloud-based virtual assistant RIGHT NOW.  (The others who don’t need a cloud-based virtual assistant right then get plugged into my “Herd Building” system where they’ll automatically be farmed over the next 6-12 months for even MORE business.  You’ll learn more about that once you become a member.)

Anyway, if can’t close at LEAST 1-2 sales per month using my marketing systems, we need to hold a mirror in front of your mouth to see if you’re still breathing!


4 Reasons You Must Respond NOW:


Why wait? Every day that goes by without this system in your possession, working for you, is clients going to another virtual assistant for services and another day of putting off car repairs, household bills, doctor’s appointments, shoes for the kids and money NOT going into your bank account.


Only 25 “Instant Access” Team Double-Click® Coaching memberships available.  Right now you can join instantly, but beginning with the 26th member, prospective members will be subject to a rigorous application process.  Not all applicants will be accepted.  Also, the above fees are subject to increase.  The ease of access and rock-bottom price will not last.


Only if you are one of the first 25 to respond, you will get a whopping immediate $250 discount off the Team Double-Click® Coaching monthly fee and ZERO enrollment cost. So your special price will be only $47.


Click Here To Get Started Right Now!!


Again only if you are one of the first 25 to respond, will you get these three money-saving, money-making FREE Gifts valued at $797.00.


FREE Gift #1—The “Virtual Assistant’s Toolkit”.  Contains checklists for everything you need to do in the first 30 days to get your virtual assistant up and running.

FREE Gift #2— The “Virtual Assistant’s Family” module.  Working from home as a virtual assistant takes the cooperation of the entire family.  This module is designed especially for your family—to help them understand what you need from them AND to help them understand your new role as a virtual assistant entrepreneur.

FREE Gift #3—The “Genius Interviews” module.  Coach Gayle chats with and interviews several business and marketing geniuses and picks their brain – we share all with you.  Here’s what’s included:

.mp3—Sharon Williams.  Online International Virtual Assistants Convention. Sharon takes us inside the Online International Virtual Assistant’s Convention and association.

.mp3—Kathleen Gage.  Street Smarts Marketing.  Kathleen and Coach Gayle talk about marketing in the real world—not from a textbook.  Chock full of secrets you can use to market YOUR virtual assistant business.

.mp3—Thomas Mangum.  Communication Mastery.  Thomas shares with you and Coach Gayle, how to master communicating with others.  An essential skill to have as a virtual assistant!

.mp3—Jamie Mades.  Success Principles:  Reading People.  The ability to “read people”, looking for hidden clues, is an age old art, one that Jamie gives us some clues into.

.mp3—Wanda Marie.  Having More Inner Peace In The Workplace.  Wanda’s mission:  to inspire, educate and empower women of all ages.  Wanda bears all in this powerful interview.

.mp3—Crystal Linen, Powerhouse Virtual Assistant.  Crystal Linnen, a powerhouse virtual assistant shares with you, how to be the best virtual assistant you can be

.mp3—Amy Lundberg.  Amy discusses how to stay fit while working from home.  A challenge we all (unfortunately) face.

.mp3—Joanne Hernon talks about that magical little book:  “The Secret”.

.mp3—Athena Williams Atwood shares her secrets for retaining your best “virtual” clients.

.mp3—Lorna Rasmussen, networking expert, chats about Networking:  The Absolute Best Way in the World for Women to Make Money.

.mp3—Scott Gedye.  On Networking:  Mindset and Getting Organized to Succeed

.mp3—Michael Russer, Mr. Internet® gives us the keys to attracting and retaining more clients as a virtual assistant.

.mp3—Anna McCoy talks with us about keeping it real and building wealth—being the bet you can be.

.mp3—Eric Tippets helps us with tracking our expenses and staying on budget.

.mp3—Nicki Keohohou, Director of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance gives us tips on building your work at home business.


Now let’s take a look at everything you get with your membership…Look at the real value here:


12 Month TOTAL Business Builder!



If Purchased Separately

30-Day Setting Up And Starting Your Cloud-based virtual assistant Business (month 1)
Guiding principles and the mindset of the extraordinary cloud-based virtual assistant


What is a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant


Top-ten must haves – skills you need to be a successful cloud-based virtual assistant


Your sanity and your support network


Virtual administrative assistants from the clients’ perspective


Setting up shop


Your services.  Determining what services you will offer and how to offer them.


Sample client/agency agreement


General How-to-do-it’s—skills development


Getting those first clients


Quick Client Grabber ™


Office Systems Audit™


Time Management


“Getting New Clients Up and Running FAST”


“Maximizing The Amount of Work You Get From Clients”


“Pricing:  Where to Price Your Services For Max Profit”


“Microsoft Outlook for Virtual Assistants”


Marketing letters on computer CD


Coach Gayle’s Million Dollar Resource Directory


The Follow Up Call


Emails (to send to clients)


Three consultation coupons


Three marketing critique coupons


Three months free membership in the Team Double-Click® Coaching Club


How To Get Top Google Rankings” module


The Day To Day” module


Balancing Family and Work Life


How You, As A Cloud-based virtual assistant, Can Use Technology To Make Yourself Indispensible to Your Clients


Street Smarts Marketing


Virtual Assistance for Real Estate-Skills Development


The “Raving Fans” Customer Service Module


eMail Marketing and Drip Mail Systems


Transaction Coordination for Real Estate-Skills Development


Turnkey Websites for Virtual Assistants


Logos, USP’s, Taglines, Color Choices, Flyers, and Brochures


Lead Qualification for Clients


The Virtual Assistant’s Toolkit (free gift)


The “Virtual Assistant’s Family” module (free gift)


The “Genius Interviews” module (free gift)


10 Secrets for Dramatically Increasing Your Sales In Any Market


Social Media Marketing for Virtual Assistants


Ongoing BenefitsNational Coaching Teleconferences (monthly)


Access to the Ruby Members Only Site


Ruby Coffee Chats (monthly)


Ruby Coffee Chats audios (monthly)


Virtual Voice newsletter (monthly)


Gorilla marketing strategies (monthly)


100% Money Back Double Guarantee

  TOTAL VALUE           $24,304

    Your Investment just $47 per month

IMPORTANT NOTE: The monthly membership, free enrollment, and three FREE gifts described in this letter are included ONLY when you are one of the first 25 to respond and you will you get three money-making FREE Gifts valued at $797.00.  For instant enrollment, click HERE.



Is This A Little Or a Lot?

Your first year’s investment costs less than a daily Frappuccino from Starbucks.  But in reality you don’t pay for this program at all…a few clients during the next year that you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten totally pays for this system.


“Gayle, I want the ideal kitchen table career and the ideal lifestyle you describe – but the fee gives me sticker shock.”


Maybe this is NOT for you.  There will only be two-hundred cloud-based virtual assistants in the world who I will allow into my System, so it’s obviously not for everybody.

You can’t think of this as a house party program, selling goopy makeup, sex toys, or overpriced jewelry.  There’s no pestering your friends and family to buy, buy, buy.  There are no awkward deer-in-the-headlights looks from friends when you uncomfortably ask them (again!) to come to yet another candle party.  There’s no cold calling or other typical sales stuff here at all.  This is a complete Virtual Assistant Business Building and Marketing, set up for you, turned on for you, with a lot done for you on a continuing basis.  If you insist on comparing it to something, it’s a lot closer to a franchise or a co-op than a house party program—and you can easily fork over $50,000 to $100,000 to get into a franchise or co-op, that might give you $50,000 a year and work you like a whipped dog.  There is simply nothing else like this.  And if it’s overwhelming, huge value isn’t evident to you, I can only suggest re-reading my entire letter or signing up to sell acai berry juice—maybe you missed something.

In addition to its value in producing income for you, steady, predictable income, with less stress and struggle than you’ve ever experienced in any business or job, there’s value here as insurance against “downturns” in the economy, the stock market, etc.—while many continue to fork over thousands of dollars to get boxes full of fancy chocolates and acai berry juice, your income will safely continue.  But the greatest value is, as you said in your question, creating the kitchen table career and ideal lifestyle.  Totally ideal.  Radically different.   You can catch up on those car repairs, house repairs, dental appointments, eye appointments, and start improving your family’s income.


What Will Happen To You If You DON’T Take Action NOW?


Abraham Lincoln once said “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”  You see there really is no success without taking action is there?  If you keep doing things the way you always have you will get more of what you always got.  Hey the U.S. economy right now is in pretty bad shape…and maybe your job outlook is the same.  And conventional thinking would say to cut back right now but you and I both know the exact opposite is what you MUST do—you must do what you need to do to set up and build your cloud-based virtual assistant business and get money and profits coming to you.


What Will Happen To You If You

Take Action Now?


Once you start using my system, profitable customers will be flooding your cloud-based virtual assistant business and the cash will roll in.  All your household financial worries can finally end. Stress will disappear in your life and your life will be fun and exciting again. You can attract good customers, contribute to the family income and start treating yourself to spa days and trips to the salon again. And in a few months, when your cloud-based virtual assistant business is booming you will look back to now and forget what it was like to struggle and worry! Doesn’t just the thought of that make you feel great?

You see this letter talks mainly about how to set up your cloud-based virtual assistant business and how to attract customers who are pre-motivated, and pre-qualified and how to be on your way to making a great income. But there is a whole other side to this and that is having a great LIFESTYLE.

The singer Joan Baez once said, “You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live. Now.”

Isn’t it about time you started living the lifestyle YOU deserve.  How about paying off ALL your debts? How about getting yourself a new SUV? How about catching up on the bills?   You can, right now.


Gayle:  With your help, I can do this.  Let’s go!


My Final Thoughts


When Lee Iaccoca was asked what single quality he looked for in people he chose for top positions at Chrysler, he said without hesitation “the ability to make a decision.”

Even though I’m giving you a great deal here and a totally risk free 100% money back double guarantee, I know that the small amount of investment to get my program may be a significant decision for a lot of folks. Maybe for you. But if you have to struggle over such an amount, that alone is the best reason to get my program right away. So in a few months you can get past the financial troubles you are now having and never be stressed out again in the money department.

If you turn your back on this offer right now how are things going to change for the better? I would hate to see your house foreclosed upon or your kids without school clothes because you couldn’t make your bills. I would hate to have you come back at a later date to find out that we have stopped taking new members because membership will be cut off sooner rather than later.

So decide right now to create the kitchen table career—the cloud-based virtual assistant business—you’ve always dreamed about, with the income to support the lifestyle YOU want. (Or, if you are already successful, do what all champions do – DECIDE to do better.) Get the EXTRA edge you deserve.  This is a positive decision you will be very glad you made – I guarantee it.

Enroll now—for fastest service click HERE and get started instantly.



See you at the top!


Your Partner In Virtual Success,

Coach Gayle Buske


P.S.  My program is SPECIFICALLY designed for aspiring cloud-based virtual assistants and existing cloud-based virtual assistants! It contains what you need to DOMINATE the virtual assistant industry. YES even the cheap folks overseas and in the Caribbean with virtually an unlimited marketing budget, muscling their way into the cloud-based virtual assistant business at rock-bottom prices.   I’ll show you how to run circles around those folks like a speedboat zipping around the Titanic.  You’ll have access to an arsenal of strategies to totally dominate all of them.

P.P.S.  Don’t Delay!  You MUST be one of the first 25 to enroll to get the free enrollment and pay only $47 per month AND get the three FREE bonus gifts valued at $797!

Also, there are only 25 memberships at the price listed aboveIf you are the 26th cloud-based virtual assistant to join, you’ll pay significantly higher fees.  At some point I will begin severely limiting the number of cloud-based virtual assistants who get my system.  I may start doing this sooner rather than later.  The ease of access to my system and this rock-bottom price will not last.

P.P.P.S.  For most people looking for that ideal kitchen table career, the cost of programs to help you set up your business is a legitimate business expense. That means you may be able to write a portion of the cost of your program off on your taxes!!! (consult your tax advisor for details.)

P.P.P.P.S.  Enroll instantly by clicking here.

P.P.P.P.P.S.  If you have any questions please send us an email at Coaching@TeamDoubleClick.com or give us a call at 970.436.0247. I am committed to your success.

Turn-Key Business-Building and Marketing System for Aspiring Cloud-Based Virtual Assistants and Existing Cloud-Based Virtual Assistants with even if you currently lack the know-how, money, or sales or marketing ability


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Getting Started.  What to do NOW: